The affordable and most sanitary way to lift and lower your toilet seat.

The Sani-Hani Toilet Seat Lifter is the ideal product to help safeguard a home or business' s need to provide a clean and sanitary bathroom environment, especially during these times. 

  • #1 toilet seat lifter/handle on Amazon
  • Super easy to install & affordable
  • Antimicrobial feature stops the growth of microorganisms and provides excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial efficacy
  • Industrial-strength ABS plastic and adhesive
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to lift/lower by anyone
  • Your price: $8.88 $6.95 ea. when you purchase a case of 36 units

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Facts About Toilet Seats

Touching toilet seats increases your chance to be infected with bacteria and viruses. No one likes touching a toilet seat.

There’s about 1,000 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat and millions on your shoes.

Approx. 70% of people do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom in their own home.

In a family home, most men and young boys leave the toilet seat up after using the bathroom - women want the seat lowered!

“I knew this was a winning idea when I saw it in our bank and love the two I bought, personally, for my home.  Thanks again for all you do to make our bio-breaks more sanitary.” – Wells Fargo Branch Manager -Dallas

“If you're here, you're probably sick as I am as a mom with your son's leaving you to put the toilet seat down. If you have young ones, it is probably even worse, covered in urine. This product has saved 10% off my daily stress! Buy me.”– A Mom's Rejoice

“Our large Installation went very well.  They worked out great. It looks pretty clean. I’m pretty particular about the way things look and I’m pretty impressed with it.” – Pres., California-Based Plumbers Group

“I purchased a few and it's been on my toilet for almost a year and it's holding QUITE WELL. I've also given them away as GIFTS to a few of my friends with children and they seem to love them as well.”– Marriage and/or Relationship SAVER!

How It Works

  • Raise the toilet seat and clean left underneath side (Sani-Hani area) with warm water or alcohol and let dry.
  • Peel off adhesive label and stick Sani-Hani to the toilet seat. Press and hold for 5 SECONDS. Even works on curved toilet seats.
  • Congratulations! It’s that easy.
  • Your Sani-Hani is ready to use.


Helps stop the spread of germs

Over 20% off regular price

Encourages lifting and lowering the toilet seat

Eliminates using your foot to lift/lower the toilet seat

Easy to install

Super strong and durable